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Flexible Packaging Supplier Serving Clients Throughout the Mid-West and Beyond

At Bass Flexible Packaging, Inc., it’s not just our packaging products that exhibit quality. Our commitment to exceptional customer service truly sets us apart. By applying innovative thinking, we can ensure a quick turnaround with incredible flexibility in our production schedule. Located in the Midwest, we are only a three day shipping point to either the east or west coast.

Flexible Packaging & Shrinkable Materials

Since 1998, Bass Flexible Packaging, Inc. has supplied quality packaging products to customers throughout the United States.  In the beginning, we provided printed and plain polypropylene bags to select distributors.  As our company grew and customer requests flowed in, we branched out to include PVC shrinkable materials, including shrink bands, shrink bags and roll stock.  You can always rely on our outstanding customer care, quick turnaround and competitive pricing.

    • “Bass is the sports car of the flexible packaging industry.  They exude quality, performance and they set the pace for any competitor.” - V.P. Sales, Packaging Corp.

Our Products

Our products are converted on-site. This means your order will be customized to your specifications.
We are prepared to meet your business’ packaging needs regarding: